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We have 30-minutes PCR test needed for travel at our 7420 Sawmill Rd., Columbus office and costs $175.

If you have your Syphilis, Gonorrhea & TB tests done from some other clinic, the fee to complete the I-693 Form is $200.

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What You Should Know About Ankle Sprain Treatments


First, your primary doctor or a health professional from urgent care in Columbus, Ohio will get all the possible information about your injury. Next, the physician will provide a diagnosis based on the assessment. And then, he or she will provide you with a care plan to recover from your ankle sprain.

  • What will be examined
    During the evaluation, your doctor will not only check your ankle. Your foot, lower leg, and even your knee will also be evaluated to see more possible injuries. This is important to know what treatment is best for you. You might also need an X-ray to check for any ligament tears or broken bones.
  • What to do during early treatments
    After visiting a walk-in clinic, you’ll be advised to take a rest within 24 to 48 hours. Generally, it would take about 4 to 6 weeks to get a full recovery from an ankle sprain depending on your condition. You may use crutches or any mobility device to ease your movement.
  • How about medication or surgery
    Severe sprains might require anti-inflammatory medications. You may also undergo balance exercises, range of motion exercises, and even electrical stimulation. Surgery is the last option for repairing a damaged ligament or ligaments.

A sprain is normally being taken care of in urgent care. More serious injuries require emergency care in Ohio. For more information, feel free to reach out to us here at Family Urgent Care. Call us at 740-772-5050 today!

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