COVID tests are covered by Insurances but Self Pay rates if you have no Insurance:

  • Rapid Covid/Flu Self Pay - $100
  • Rapid In House PCR Self Pay - $125 (Sawmill Columbus Office Only)

We have 30-minutes PCR test needed for travel at our 7420 Sawmill Rd., Columbus office and costs $175.

If you have your Syphilis, Gonorrhea & TB tests done from some other clinic, the fee to complete the I-693 Form is $200.

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When to Choose Urgent Care Over ER


Are you confused about whether you go to urgent care or an emergency room (ER)? How do you know if you need one of these facilities but not the other? Don’t bother yourself on whether urgent is synonymous with an emergency. You have to find out what conditions would require you to go to an ER and what would make you visit urgent care in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Is the illness severe enough? Signs of a heart attack, severe allergic reactions, and head injuries are examples of serious conditions that need immediate clinical attention from an emergency room. On the other hand, mild injuries, sprains, shortness of breath, and minor allergic reactions can be attended to a walk-in clinic.
  • Are you concerned about the time? Many times, emergency rooms are full, not because people really need serious medical attention but because they are not aware that urgent care facilities are available. Since emergency care in Ohio requires more intensive care, you can go to urgent care if you only deal with fever without rashes, flu symptoms, minor cuts, and other mild conditions.
  • Are you thinking about the coverage? Is a high copay a big concern to you? Going to an urgent care can help you save up to 50% or more compared with an ER. Aside from that, you may also pay bigger out-of-pocket expenses since emergency rooms are part of hospitals. A reputable urgent care facility is more advisable if you are on a tight budget or you don’t have health insurance.

For specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Family Urgent Care. We have a dedicated staff ready to answer you at 740-772-5050. Talk to us now!

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