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Migraines: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


A migraine is a complex neurological condition, often characterized by intense headaches that can be crippling enough to upend everyday life. Beyond this, researchers haven’t yet identified a single cause for migraines. What is known is:

  • Anyone of any age can experience migraines
  • A family history of migraines is of the most common risk factors
  • Women are more likely to experience migraines than men

Other contributing factors that may trigger migraines include:

  • Bright lights, loud sounds, or unusual smells
  • Hormone changes in women
  • Intense physical activity
  • Decrease in serotonin levels
  • Certain medications

The Common Symptoms of a Migraine

There are 4 stages in which migraine symptoms can progress:

  1. Prodrome
    During this phase, symptoms may include depression, frequent yawning, fatigue, food cravings, irritability, hyperactivity, and neck stiffness.
  2. Aura
    A few people may experience auras that can cause vision, movement, sensation, and speech problems. Others may see bright spots or light flashes or temporarily lose their vision.
  3. Attack
    Here is where the actual migraine sets in. A patient may feel pulsing or throbbing head pain, pain in one area of the head nausea or vomiting, dizziness or feeling faint, and increased sensitivity to light and sound.
  4. Post-Drome
    This final stage can bring changes in moods and emotions, ranging from euphoria and happiness to fatigue and apathy. Following a migraine attack, people may continue to feel a mild, dull headache.

Treatment and Prevention

Walk-in Clinics, such as the one we at Family Urgent Care have, can assist patients to cope with migraines and their symptoms.

As a professional health care provider, we have given hundreds of patients Urgent Care in Columbus, Ohio for various conditions.

To know more about Emergency Care in Ohio, please contact us today.

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