COVID tests are covered by Insurances but Self Pay rates if you have no Insurance:

  • Rapid Covid/Flu Self Pay - $100
  • Rapid In House PCR Self Pay - $125 (Sawmill Columbus Office Only)

We have 30-minutes PCR test needed for travel at our 7420 Sawmill Rd., Columbus office and costs $175.

If you have your Syphilis, Gonorrhea & TB tests done from some other clinic, the fee to complete the I-693 Form is $200.

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Helpful Home Remedies for Skin Rashes

It doesn’t matter what the cause is, rashes are annoyingly itchy.

As a walk-in clinic, we may prescribe certain antihistamines, lotions, or creams for relief, depending on the cause of the rash. So, it is best to have it checked first. But some home remedies can also help with the itch. Check them out below:

  • Cold Compress
    This is the most known and easiest way to reduce the itch and pain of a rash. Coldwater can help stop the swelling and slow the progression of rashes. You may use a damp cloth or take a cool shower.
  • Oatmeal Bath
    Oats have been used to treat eczema, burns, and other skin conditions for many years. In 2003, the US FDA has approved the use of colloidal oatmeal to protect the skin. So, it is deemed safe to use.
  • Aloe Vera
    For centuries, fresh aloe vera has been used to aid in health care and skincare. It is used to heal small wounds and soothe irritated, itchy skin because of its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Coconut Oil
    In 2004, a clinical trial found that virgin coconut oil helped improve surface lipid levels and skin hydration in people with itchy, scaly, dry skin. In 2013, it also showed similar results in babies with atopic dermatitis.

Always consult with a physician about which remedies are suitable for your rash.

If you need urgent care in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than Family Urgent Care.

We provide comprehensive health care and emergency care in Ohio to help you in case of health emergencies. Our facility is equipped with advanced tools and equipment to ensure accurate diagnoses.

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