COVID tests are covered by Insurances but Self Pay rates if you have no Insurance:

  • Rapid Covid/Flu Self Pay - $100
  • Rapid In House PCR Self Pay - $125 (Sawmill Columbus Office Only)

We have 30-minutes PCR test needed for travel at our 7420 Sawmill Rd., Columbus office and costs $175.

If you have your Syphilis, Gonorrhea & TB tests done from some other clinic, the fee to complete the I-693 Form is $200.

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DOT Exam

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If you work in the transportation industry, you may be required to obtain a department of transportation (DOT) exam to determine if you’re fit for your position. These exams are one of many services available from Syed Naqvi, MD, and the team at Family Urgent Care in Columbus, Mount Vernon, and Bellefontaine, Ohio. DOT exams must be performed by physicians with the proper certification, like the team at Family Urgent Care. Scheduling a DOT exam is as simple as a phone call or a few moments on the online booking page, and walk-in visits are also available.

DOT Exam Q&A

What is a DOT exam?

A DOT exam is a specialized medical examination intended to determine if a transportation worker can physically, emotionally, and mentally perform their duties. These exams are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for all commercial vehicle drivers. 

All people have a right to be safe while on public roads or while engaging in all forms of transportation. DOT physicals are one way to reduce the risk of harm to both drivers and those with whom they share the road.

What should I expect during a DOT exam?

There are strict guidelines for what’s included in a DOT physical exam. Much of the process is similar to what occurs when you come in for a routine physical. Expect a discussion of your health history and gathering of basic vital signs and health information. 

Some of the areas that are assessed during a DOT physical include:

  • Heart
  • Vision and hearing
  • Nervous system
  • Back and spine
  • Breathing
  • General appearance
  • Reflexes

Your employer might also require a drug screening prior to offering employment. 

After completing your physical, Family Urgent Care compiles the results and submits them electronically to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. You’ll also receive a copy for your records.  

What happens if I cannot “pass” my DOT exam?

If Family Urgent Care finds that you cannot meet the health standards set out by the DOT, you may not pass the DOT physical exam. While this can certainly be disappointing, it’s important to understand that identifying potential health issues is the focus of any physical exam. 

Your provider will discuss your results and help you learn your options for what comes next. Some medical issues can be quickly resolved, allowing you to return for a more positive exam result. If you have a serious health problem or signs of chronic disease, you’ll learn options for treatment and overall health improvement. 

DOT and other specialized physical exams sometimes reveal serious health problems that demand intervention. In some cases, these visits are the first step in getting life-saving treatment and improving daily quality of life. 

If you need a DOT exam or any other physical, call Family Urgent Care or book an appointment online today. Walk-in visits are also an option and can help you move forward in the employment process as quickly as possible. 

For more information, please feel free to send us a message or call us using our given contact details.