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Routine physicals are a cornerstone of good health and one of many services available from Syed Naqvi, MD, and the team at Family Urgent Care. These visits allow them to assess your overall health and wellness and screen for conditions common among your age and sex. If you’re overdue for a physical exam, call the office in Columbus, Mount Vernon, or Bellefontaine, Ohio, or schedule an appointment online today.

Physicals Q&A

Why are physicals so important?

Routine physicals are an essential part of preventive health, an approach to health care that seeks to identify areas of concern in the earliest possible stages. 

By coming in for routine physical exams, Family Urgent Care has the chance to learn more about your health and detect areas where meaningful improvements can be made. 

These visits are also an opportunity for you to get detailed health and wellness information from a trusted, reliable source. Wondering how much sleep you should be getting? Thinking of adding supplements to your daily routine? Your physicals are the setting to receive guidance and get answers you can trust. 

Routine physicals help build your comprehensive personal medical record. Over time, this document becomes an invaluable resource for tracking changes that could signify areas of concern. If you’re healthy, the data in your personal medical record can help shape your exercise and nutrition planning to keep you feeling great and functioning at peak levels.

When should I come in for physicals?

Most healthy adults can benefit from an annual physical exam. During these physicals, you’ll receive the screenings appropriate for your age, sex, and overall health. 

If you have chronic health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma, you may need to come in for more frequent exams. These visits allow Family Urgent Care to track your health, create a customized treatment plan, gauge how well that plan works for you, and make any needed adjustments. 

What happens during routine physicals?

The initial portion of your exam consists of gathering routine health data. This includes measures of your height, weight, blood pressure, breathing function, and heart rate. You might also receive basic vision and hearing checks. 

A discussion of your health follows. This portion of the exam is longer during your initial visit. During subsequent physicals, you’ll be asked about any changes you’ve noticed and if you have specific health issues you’d like to discuss with your practitioner. 

Patient education is built into every interaction at Family Urgent Care, including routine physicals. You’ll receive health guidance targeted to your unique situation and learn how to manage your health on your own. They can show you the areas where lifestyle modifications can yield significant improvements in your overall health and wellness. 

If you’re overdue for a physical, call Family Urgent Care or book an appointment online today.