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The Possible Causes Of Skin Rashes

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From time to time, our loved ones may face some medical concerns. Among them is a skin rash.

Skin rashes can look vastly different, accompanied by distinct symptoms. When your loved one feels the sensation is no longer tolerable, you can opt for urgent care in Columbus, Ohio.

The causes of a rash may not be apparent at first. However, knowing helps to achieve better decisions. Many insects can bite or sting our loved ones, especially children. While the reaction varies from the insect and the person, common symptoms include itching, pain, or swelling.

Shingles are caused by the same virus as chickenpox. Like blisters producing a solid red band, the rash can often be painful. Another virus, the rubeola virus, causes measles and symptoms include a dry cough and a reddish-brown rash.

Allergies from food and even medicine can also trigger rashes. This happens because the immune system mistakenly considers these prescriptions or food as pathogens and thus then attacking them. The person will show some swelling and feel itchiness in the skin and eyes.

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